Frequently Asked Questions

Kidron Kars, Inc. accepts cash, personal or company check, cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer and bank financing. At this time, we do not currently accept debit or credit cards.
We do not offer “Buy Here Pay Here” services.  We also do not currently do any “in house” financing, or assist with customer financing.  However we can accept financing from most any financial institution you may choose to utilize.  It is actually a fairly simple process you simply would sign papers with the institution instead of at Kidron Kars Inc.  This also applies and is possible with most out of state customers too.  We can accept financing from your local bank or credit union.

Kidron Kars, Inc. asking prices are competitive. We price our vehicles according to current market value, which are generally under book value. Because of our lower overhead and minimal advertising cost, we may be able to further negotiate the price of the vehicle you are interested in buying. Without a trade in, your discount can be greater.
Kidron Kars, Inc. is happy to accept your trade-in.
Kidron Kars, Inc. does not currently offer/assist with financing “in house”.  We are capable of accepting financing from most any lending institution including national banks and credit unions and also local banks and credit unions of both local and out of state customers.

Rental vehicles require an entirely different insurance and registration which we do not carry.  There are many other local companies who do offer rentals.
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